When does your wedding venue require a “site check”?


When we have a wedding booked at a location we haven’t been before; we like to get out to the site, prior to the shoot, and identify some good photo opportunities.

Wedding Photo Opportunity Site Check
Wedding Photo Opportunity Site Check

Sometimes it doesn’t work out to arrive at the same time, as the future event, but you can visualize where the light will be. Sechrestphotos will always exceed the customer’s expectation and doing a thorough site check will prepare the photographer.

Dana Point Beach Entrance
Dana Point Beach Entrance

This Dana point site offers lots of opportunity. You must consider:

  1. How long it will take to travel from the venue to the photo opportunities you sited
  2. How much time do you have to shoot after the ceremony
  3. Who should go to the secondary location

The above pictures are preparing us for a wedding next weekend. Our bride and groom are coming from out of state to their Destination Dream Wedding in California.

We look forward to capturing the magic of their day.