Are you thinking of a Vow Renewal? What ’36’ meant to Beatrice and David. Vow Renewal, Oceanside



In the deeply affectionate and bonding wedding vow renewal ceremony, under a Chuppah created from 3 Tallis’s Beatrice had sewn together, along with a simplistic bouquette of winter blooms lay between the bride Beatrice, and the groom David. There were many things that came to me about this day as I looked at these flowers, foremost the light warm evening air and tropical calm of this Oceanside home. But more importantly than ever, their love came into a light where it was lifted high in celebration, and even more so the triumph of their love, victorious over all obstacles, truly lasting forever.


The bride had chosen purple, rich enough to rival that of royal blue made from silk tapestries of Indian silk. In the local paradise of Oceanside, everyone rushed to take their places. Family smiles glowed as it grew closer to the renewal of vow service with rings and other traditions.




As everyone spoke and laughed we walked around the close circle of family and friends.  Beatrice and David heard the clicking of cameras; we were reeling in a pang of excitement, eagerly capturing every priceless moment. Even with us running around we could hear the talking and we were taking it all in.  It felt like noone wanted these touching moments to end.





As they spoke their personal vows, everyone graciously awed at their devotion in an attentive silence. They combined their devotion in the jewish faith, with the rituals of Hawaiian tradition. Palm trees swayed behind glass with the ominous weather of rain.   There was harmony in the air. This pictures highlights the tradition of breaking the glass in a Jewish ceremony.



Over twenty five close friends, from Culver City, Mexico, and other neighboring towns, crowded the home to celebrate Beatrice and David, whom are to all of them deeply close friends or family.  Beatrice was facing the newest greatest moment of her live.  After countless health struggles, they, in the commenseration of their love, could feel the breadth of their new life heading towards the future. Their three children and other family members and friends stood beside them, all smiles, as they celebrated with dinner after the beautiful ceremony!


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