A portrait can tell a story worth more than a 1000 words. Let me explain! An experienced photographer is able to overcome challenges. In this example I was hired to capture a wedding portrait. My clients had completed their wedding vows on Zoom and didn’t want a formal portrait. They were looking for something elegant but natural to tell their story.

My clients were spending the weekend at the Monarch Beach Resort. In advance of their session, they had requested their portrait photo session include the elegant Monarch Hotel’s ballroom. My clients didn’t realize the hotel required permission to take professional photos. Therefore, after arriving at the beautiful Monarch ballroom security came. This caused us to stop to the portrait photo session. In addition my clents were now stessed.

Hotel management stated “only an IPHONE is allowed for photo taking”. I calmly assured my clients we can still capture beautiful photos. All experienced photographers will use the light and capture amazing photos with just an IPHONE 6S.

I was able to provide the couple with a dozen photos using my IPHONE6S.  In addition to this photo you can see other images of the Monarch Beach resort at https://www.waldorfastoriamonarchbeach.com

When our clients look at their photos they will remember their experience. In other words their portrait speaks 1000 words.

This photos shows the quality a profesional photographer and equipment can produce.
Finishished Photo Session at Heritage Park, Dana Point. We included a Sunset Walk 🙂

We finished the photo session at Heritage Park in Dana Point, CA. My clients had told me they expected the IPHONE6S photos to lack quality. Immediately after receiving their finished gallery they called us. My clients were grateful that we were able to provide elegant images. http://sechrestphotos.com