Our plan for retirement is to take take the Pop Up Photography on the rode. Moreover our plan is to travel in a comfortable Class A RV. The RV Life will allow us to Pop Up and capture the important moments folks want to remember. Uniquely we know how to capture the memories that are close to your heart. Not to mention these important images will trigger those important memories. In additon we will visit locations where patrons will appreciate a family portrait from a Professional Pop Up Photographer. Although we are not there yet we invite you to follow our Pop Up Retirement Blog. sechrestphotos.com

A few important things need to happen before we can start our Pop Up Photography life. In no particular order here is our short list.

  1. My awesome husband needs to reach the retirment age.

2. Pay off all debt.

3. Purchase our beautiful RV Home.

4. Purchase our Jeep which we will tow.


Stay tuned for updates. We are doing our diligent research and planning. By the same token your comments and advise would be appreciated. Pop Up RV Photography coming to your town in America!