Pop Up Photography and RV Life continues to be our plan. It has been many months since my first blog. Alan is continuing his photography in Oklahoma and adding landscape images to the mix. We plan to post more of the beauty we see in our travels and samples of Alans amazing expert photography portraits. Meeting amazing people and capturing their important moments while traveling in our RV is real and exciting to us.

Capturing moments in real time along with simple scenic beauty is to me an inspiring purpose. Forward to Pop Up Photography and our RV Retirement Life.

This is one of our signature engagement portraits we incorporate into our engagement sessions.                                      The couples love the moment captured with a candid filter.

I am counting down and we are closer to the Pop Up Photographer and RV hit the road date.  

We have paid off additional debt. We are on target. https://www.creditcardinsider.com/learn/reducing-debt/

RVs have gone up in price due to the pandemic.  Now they are coming down.  We are hoping prices continue in the downward.  We will be ready to purchasea our RIG  starting in May 2024.

Having a plan such as our Pop Up Photography with our RV Life can bring purpose. I have been working on my mindfullness practice and appreciating what I have in my life.

Another big focus is our health. When we are in our Pop Up Photography and RV  life we want to be healthy and energetic. We are taking steps to make sure we are healthy. We are using the popular statergies such as, healthy diet, exercise, and adding physicals and blood tests.

Stayed tuned!

Ina Sechrest


 Days till we are on the road..

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