Grads & Seniors

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Graduation is a special time not only for graduates, but also for the people that supported them along the way. It’s an accomplishment worth celebrating and a milestone worth remembering. That’s why families are marking this special occasion by getting professional graduation photos taken.  We help our families pick the perfect location; sometimes more than one.

Graduates can customize their photos in a variety of fun and stylish ways. Some opt to wear their graduation cap and gown, giving a classic look to any photo. Others choose to wear school uniforms or sports jerseys to represent their interests and show school spirit. Still others prefer to be more formal in a suit and tie or tailored dress.

Friendship graduate photo sessions are another popular option that’s trending today. As groups of friends prepare to start jobs, attend college and potentially go their separate ways, a group photo session can be a meaningful experience. Pictures of groups of friends dressed up in their caps and gowns become a cherished keepsake that they’ll be able to admire no matter how near or far they end up moving after graduation.

You can also use the imagery for the invitation to a graduation party if you’re hosting one. When party planning, frame a variety of prints to display as guests enter the celebration. When it’s all said and done, those prints can be used as decor at your home, at the office or as gifts for loved ones.

Congrats to graduates and their families across the United States! We hope you enjoy this special time together as you reflect on the past and celebrate in anticipation of all the good things the future will bring.