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November is Family Portrait Season!

Sechrestphotos was kept very busy this October and November taking family portraits.  I have a few tips for the families thinking about using a professional photographer.


Families First

  1.  Discuss with your photographer the location.  Families can choose locations that may not produce the best result.  If the location has sentiment the photographer can make it work but if your goal is awesome photos let the photographer choose.  The family can lead with park or country settings,  beach, or city.
  2. Wardrobe can make or break your family portrait.  Speak to your photographer with your ideas and listen to suggestions.  If someone in the family is a rebel and wears plaid while everyone else is in white that family member will be the focus in the pictures.
  3. Time of day.  Schedules often dictate the family availability but being a little flexible can make a big difference in the light and the final product.


Finally have fun.  A good photography will be able to relax the family and capture the love relationships family members share.

Happy Holidays,

Alan and Ina

Family Portrait Photography Provides a Family with a Photo Historical Memory with Real Meaning!

When I was hired recently to capture a family portrait with 31 family members including the beautiful matriarch grandmother who is 80 years of age; I knew I had to organize the family and be quick to ‘capture the moment’.  What I recommended to this family was light colors with a matching theme and for Grandma to wear something special.  A few things I recommend:

  • Pick a good time of day for the light.
  • Choose a location that will have a memory for the family and provide a good background.
  • Have some props to keep the small children interested.
  • Think out of the box.

Sechrest Photos provided an amazing 30 x 40 canvas for the the family.  I had it ready for Thanksgiving when the family would be together to present to grandma.

The entire experience was rewarding for me as a photographer because the family were real nice and the camaraderie between them was inspiring.


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