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November is Family Portrait Season!

Sechrestphotos was kept very busy this October and November taking family portraits.  I have a few tips for the families thinking about using a professional photographer.


Families First

  1.  Discuss with your photographer the location.  Families can choose locations that may not produce the best result.  If the location has sentiment the photographer can make it work but if your goal is awesome photos let the photographer choose.  The family can lead with park or country settings,  beach, or city.
  2. Wardrobe can make or break your family portrait.  Speak to your photographer with your ideas and listen to suggestions.  If someone in the family is a rebel and wears plaid while everyone else is in white that family member will be the focus in the pictures.
  3. Time of day.  Schedules often dictate the family availability but being a little flexible can make a big difference in the light and the final product.


Finally have fun.  A good photography will be able to relax the family and capture the love relationships family members share.

Happy Holidays,

Alan and Ina

High School photos that caputure the personality….

When we met with young Sandy and her family in San Clemente; the job was for a Family Portrait for grandma.  There was seven grandchildren from 2 families.  We wound up spending extra time and taking individual portraits.  Alan and I enjoy getting to know the familes and making sure we can get our photo subject to relax and let their personality come through.

Sandy started out shy but soon was having fun posing and moving through the shoot.

A good photographer will know how to relax their clients and how to “capture the moment”  .

Alan used the natural sunlight as his main light to accentuate Sandy’s blound hair.  It was at 2:00 PM when we shot this picture.

Ina Sechrest



Producing a successful Quinceanera Photo Shoot


When Alan and I were hired to photograph Angel’s Quinceaneera party we really didn’t know allot about this “Right Of Passage“.


Today, the Quinceañera celebration often is a lavish party that may include a mariachi band, a feast and many guests—much like a wedding. Planning for a Quinceañera can start as early as the birth of a daughter. The family and godparents save up money until the girl is of age. Actual preparations may take anywhere from six months to a year and a half. Dances have to be learned, decorations decided upon, cakes ordered, and in some cases, dresses made.

We are not sure about the details of Angel’s planning; her mother Sylvia was excited and very proud of her beautiful daughter. I can say for Angel I think there was great importance placed on “The Dress” :).

I fell in love with Angel immediately.  She had an aura that swept you in.  We started her day out at Penn Park, in Whittier, CA.  We took lots of Family Portraits along with her friends..


Angel and sisters and friends then were whisked away in several cars from the 50’s. From there a party in Angel’s name with 70 close friends and family.

How did we make this successful?

  1. We worked hard as a team to make sure everyone felt relaxed and had fun on the photo shoot.
  2. We scoped out the best spots at the site to have excellent backgrounds.
  3. We planned ahead and are always prepared with our equiptment.
  4. We arrive early to ensure our success.

We made a slide show video for Angel which captures all the emotion and timeline of her day.  Please enjoy!

Thank you,

Ina Sechrest


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