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High School photos that caputure the personality….

When we met with young Sandy and her family in San Clemente; the job was for a Family Portrait for grandma.  There was seven grandchildren from 2 families.  We wound up spending extra time and taking individual portraits.  Alan and I enjoy getting to know the familes and making sure we can get our photo subject to relax and let their personality come through.

Sandy started out shy but soon was having fun posing and moving through the shoot.

A good photographer will know how to relax their clients and how to “capture the moment”  .

Alan used the natural sunlight as his main light to accentuate Sandy’s blound hair.  It was at 2:00 PM when we shot this picture.

Ina Sechrest



Family Portrait Photography Provides a Family with a Photo Historical Memory with Real Meaning!

When I was hired recently to capture a family portrait with 31 family members including the beautiful matriarch grandmother who is 80 years of age; I knew I had to organize the family and be quick to ‘capture the moment’.  What I recommended to this family was light colors with a matching theme and for Grandma to wear something special.  A few things I recommend:

  • Pick a good time of day for the light.
  • Choose a location that will have a memory for the family and provide a good background.
  • Have some props to keep the small children interested.
  • Think out of the box.

Sechrest Photos provided an amazing 30 x 40 canvas for the the family.  I had it ready for Thanksgiving when the family would be together to present to grandma.

The entire experience was rewarding for me as a photographer because the family were real nice and the camaraderie between them was inspiring.


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