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Proposals! There are not just for men anymore. The season of romance is here!

DSC_8977DSC_9727required=’1’/][/contact-form]      I have found working in photography, the person (not necessarily a male) who is doing the proposing wants to capture the moment. We recently captured and witnessed a magical proposal. Below is the story as well as some important tips for any would be proposer.

Tips for the proposer:

1. Choose your location and time of day carefully. Consult with your photographer.

2. Depending on your plan coordinate carefully allowing for some lost time.

3. Choose pieces of the proposal that is unique to your relationship; music, writings, location, witnesses.

In my recent proposal job, Angel who had been dating Neil for several years decided she wanted to propose. I am starting to see a change, it is not uncommon for women to ask men to marry them.  Angel had planned a dating anniversary celebration at a hotel in Newport Beach, which she knew would have lots of photo opportunities.  After hiring my services we discussed the details of her proposal. Alan encourage a particular location and time of day, The photographer can recommend not demand, after all it is not our day. Alan and I even suggest clothing and shoes that work with the scenery and event. Unfortunately, Angel had some hicups. Because of their love for each other you would never be able to tell from the pictures. Angel planned to arrive at the hotel and be standing under the gazebo shortly before the airplane, dragging the sign, Neil and Angel = € – Will you marry me? She wanted to have ring in pocket and an amazing sky as their background. We are sharing some  highlights of her proposal. Below are some hiccups she overcame.

    • getting lost, she wasn’t from the area, allow extra time
    • spelling error in her sign, thank goodness for photoshop
    • the engagement ring wasn’t ready in time, the jewelry store provided a temporary

Thank you, Ina Sechrest, photo stylist at Sechrest Photography

Romance is alive in today’s youth!


I had the pleasure to participate in the proposal by our client, to his beautiful girlfriend this weekend past.

Brandon had planned this romantic moment leaving out no details.

First he spent time scouting out the most beautiful beaches and landed on Crystal Cove in Laguna Beach.

He went through his thought process and planned to have Sarah’s BF, Katie invite Sarah to brunch with a brisk walk on the beach first (of course it would be Crystal Cove), such a nice rouse.

Brandon invited his family to attend and drive him to the location (this would make certain) Sarah wouldn’t recognize his vehicle. Mom and Sis gladly agreed to attend and witness the magical proposal.

Brandon made sure there was clear communication between himself and Katie. Katie would text Brandon when they were close and again when they started down the stairs.

Brandon not wanting to leave any stone unturned, hired Sechresphotos to capture this romantic moment forever on film.

We met Brandon an hour before Sarah was to arrive. We talked about angles and light and where to best position him on the beach. We worked closely together to find the perfect spot to produce the magical photographs which would can capture this memory.

Brandon told us he had his words planned but he was very nervous. He wanted to make a large heart in the sand and fill it would rose pedals he had recently collected.

Once the heart was completed we all helped him find shells and he wrote the words “Marry Me” with the shells in the sand next to the heart.

All of this may sounds wonderful like a script from a movie. There is a big difference. The real emotion and love shown by Brandon and Sarah was heartfelt and joyful unmatched by fiction.

Tears filled my eyes as the scene played out. I feel truly lucky to witness their proposal.

To see the whole slide show click on Sarah and Brandon from the home page.   http://youtu.be/BQd3YxkCMR0

Ina Sechrest


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