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Portraits, Portraits, Portraits!!

There are 5 big things the family should think about when getting ready for your portrait shoot  .

1.  Location

2.  Time of Day

3.  What to wear

4.  How to make the shoot memorable

As the Photography we have a lot think about.

  1.  Will the location work?
  2.   What will the light be like during that time of day?
  3.  Will the family follow my suggestions
  4.  How to get to know the family to make the experience special.



Corporate Photography….most conferences need a photographer to capture a journalistic timeline of the conference..

I saw Alan spend several days with Aeroxchange capturing their 3 day conference in Newport Beach.  Alan attended meetings, dinners, bowling, and even a dinner cruise in the Newport Harbor.

There were about 300 people in attendance to this busy timeline.  There was meetings, food, and fun.  Alan captured a nice timeline for this company and has learned the important skillset in photographing corporate events.   The company will share the pictures on their website …….



Is Holiday Party Photography For You?

Sechrestphotos captures many holiday parties.

We photograph corporate parties which generally are on weekdays during December. We also cover family parties which occur right up to January 5th.

Corporations want photography to provide their employees images of themselves when they are dressed up and socializing outside of their work environment. Often companies hire us to also provide a memento image, printed and framed and provided timely during the party.

The images may be shared on company websites which allow employees to comment and download easily.

Corporate holiday parties are often at hotels or simple venues that are centrally located to the employees.

Families often use photography at their holiday parties when families are together; often out of town guests who haven’t seen each other in a long period of time, or aging families are in attendance, and families want to capture the “family moments.”

These images are often very valuable and cherished over time.

Family holiday parties are often at a family member’s residence but sometimes at a centrally located venue.

We love what we do and we won’t miss a moment. Call us to schedule us for your Holiday Party.

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