Countdown until we are on the road: 410 DAYS

It will be over two years since I wrote my first blog on our Pop Up Photography and RV life plan.

What happened since then? Covid and Hurricane Ian. Moved to Oklahoma.

Where are we now? We had the 5 big challenges to overcome. Here is where we are at.

  1. My first item was my awesome husband needed to reach retirement age. Due to Covid and Hurricane Ian we are now waiting for me reach my retirement age. That will be in 13 plus months time.
  2. Pay off all our debt. The debt was affected by the hurrican Ian which demolished our beautiful vacation rental at Ft. Myers Beach, Florida. We were lucky that we had insurance and we are rebuilding. How long that will take is a little unclear. But we will using savings if necessary to make our new goal.
  3. Purchase our RV. We wont be able to purchase until we are almost retired. We will purchase while I am still working.
  4. Purchase the Jeep which we will tow behind the RV. That may happen soon due to the big changes we made in where we live.

What were the big changes? We moved from San Clemente CA to Tulsa Oklahoma to be closer to family. The move was after Covid. I transferred my job with American Airlines at John Wayne Airport to Tulsa Airport. I felt we could save money living in Oklahoma and be closer to family

We didn’t plan on Hurrican Ian’s distruction. We are still optimistic to reach our retirement plan on October 2024.

My husband Alan has been watching the RV prices right through Covid and he believes they are coming down now and will coninue to drop.

Alan is continuing his photography business in Tulsa and also working on the Florida rebuild. Alan has weddings, portraits, senior sessions, and corporate headshots. Below are a few of the Tulsa images.

We are in a countdown mode.   

I plan to continue this blog during our countdown and while we are on the road.  

I want to share the lessons learned along the way.

Please leave any comments or questions.


These are headshots taken in Oklahoma